a new beauty culture is here.

Beauty Team Australia™ is your national go-to team of hair and beauty professionals united by our 5 star commitment rating. Our quality standard is available in professional member salons, spas, clinics, concept stores, studios and with mobile service providers found in our Beauty Team Australia directory.

For services ranging from; hair cuts, and colours, to facials, manicures, injectables to makeup. No matter the service you choose to book with our service providers, you can rest assured that you will always receive a superior level of experience with our listed members.


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At Beauty Team Australia, we understand it is confusing in the hair and beauty marketplace for you as clients and customers. We take this stress away by showcasing 5 star rated professionals, serving up the best experiences and services all- in- one place, saving you time and confusion. Being an Australian professionally owned, rated and recommended platform, we are all- you- need in your #beautylife.


All professional members embody our ethical stance on practices, and behavior with a united holistic philosophy, mission and culture (as seen below on our ‘About’ page).


Our professional members have the education and knowledge behind them to give you a complete professional service with advice on what you need and how you need it. This includes recommending professional brands that acquire expertise to know if the product/s are suitable for you.


We are so passionate about hair and beauty we reflect this through our product choices. We use and sell professional quality brands that are high performing and many exclusive to us only.  We want you to experience the professional brand difference! *Excludes makeup artist kits.


Our professional members hold accredited qualifications (where applicable for services provided) and are highly trained where accreditation is unavailable to attain. We take pride in the highest level of education. 

Please Note: in some circumstances, services do not have NRTQ’s available. Apprentices may assist or perform service/s were permitted by professional member providers


Our education doesn’t stop at the end of a course. As a part of our passion for our hair and beauty industry, we take extra care to develop our skills over- time. Our dedication to team development is a part of on- going learning and development. This includes up- skilling with short courses and use of our resources with industry led workshops. 




Why do we insist on Nationally Recognised Training Qualifications

Nationally recognised training qualifications are courses that are accredited under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

Only registered training organisations (RTO) can issue nationally recognised qualifications. This means students have the confidence that they will attain skills of a high quality accepted and recognised everywhere in Australia,not just the state or territory in which the study was conducted.

Non-rtos can offer training but cannot issue nationally recognised training qualifications.

Accreditation means the course is nationally recognised and that a registered training organisation (RTO) can issue a nationally recognised qualification or Statement of Attainment following its full or partial completion. 

An accredited course: 

  • meets industry, enterprise or community needs
  • provides appropriate competency outcomes and a satisfactory basis for assessment
  • meets national quality assurance requirements
  • is aligned to the appropriate level of the Australian Qualifications Framework where it leads to a qualification.

Once a course has been accredited, it is listed on the National Training Information Service website: http://www.ntis.gov.au/. You can use this website to check if a course is accredited by typing in the course code.

REF: https://www.lti.edu.au/what-are-accredited-courses.html 


As mentioned above, you can now begin to understand just how important we are to your personal choices. We are equipped with expert knowledge to give the most trusted advice on your everyday hair and beauty needs.

We believe, that as a consumer you deserve to know who and what you are spending your money on.  It is our aim to ensure fair knowledge in consumer choice so you only pay for services by committed professionals with quality services and products.




Our holistic approach to hair and beauty 

At Beauty Team Australia, we believe beauty is not just a topical application for your Instagram selfie, nor, is it “just” an ‘image thing’. When it comes to your hair and beauty, we have a more holistic approach and understanding. In our opinion nothing is more beautiful than caring for yourself. It is not a “selfish thing,” to us, it’s vital to your wellbeing.

In human nature, we need to reflect on ourselves from time to time in order to better accommodate ourselves and others in our lives.  When we look- after ourselves, we begin to naturally feel an internal sense of wellbeing and mindset- rebalance, helping us cope better in our everyday lives.

Your hair and beauty to us is not ‘just a look’, it’s a feeling. The feeling as a result of self-reflection, self- care and ultimately looking after yourself.


To provide the best in hair and beauty for consumers and clients of Australia, by providing a quality standard delivered by our professional members. 


We encourage an online/ offline environment of self- empowerment. An environment that is always positively geared, ready and driven to live a more fulfilling and sustainable life. Our Beauty Team Australia professional members and community celebrate embracing opportunity and encouragement of others.

Beauty Team Australia’s team culture is built on passion. We love what we do and it is that energy that carries through into our work.



Bonnie Irwin is an Adelaide based, professionally qualified beauty therapist of 15 years with a pure passion and enthusiasm for industry, quality, culture and buying choices.

After working in numerous areas within the industry, such as beauty therapy, makeup artistry, spray tanning, sales, and owning her own salon business, she realised hair and beauty customers and businesses would benefit greatly from the creation of a 5-star directory made specifically for the hair and beauty industry…. and thus, Beauty Team Australia was born.

With Bonnie’s training in an endless array of beauty brands, business processes and retail operations within the industry she now imparts her wisdom onto customers, brands and businesses with the goal to inform more people on their buying choices as a hair/ beauty customer and shine a light on the businesses who are offering a quality standard of service.


“I believe that beauty is more than a trend, the latest Instagram selfie or self-image. It’s really about caring for yourself. Beauty is not just a look, it’s a feeling… so, take care of yourself and feel beautiful every day!” – Bonnie Irwin Founder Beauty Team Australia.