It is a common thought that we can get away with the same foundation all year round… But, as a matter of fact, only some people with pale skin tones and people living in cooler climate locations can usually get away with one foundation colour all year round!

As for the rest of us we are not the same colour of foundation all year round!! Our skin colour actually changes with the seasons throughout the year.

Our sun is the main reason for the variance in our skin shades, changing from lighter to darker in Spring/ Summer and darker to lighter in Autumn/ Winter. The amount of time your skin is exposed is among the factors that will decipher the results in the change of depth in colour.

I recommend, that when choosing your foundation to buy x2 foundations- one being a lighter shade and the other a darker shade. Rather than owning just the x1 shade of foundation closest to your skin colour. You can mix these together on the side of your thumb/ or back of your hand to the suitable amount necessary for your skin tone. 

You will not only avoid the dreaded “masked” look but also having x2 dramatically varied, foundation colours, will enable you to mix the desired foundation colour any time of the year! Even, let’s say, if one day you decided to have a spray tan, then mixing these x2 colours together in percentages works really well!