Skincare is essential for boosting skin hydration and assisting in skin repair from internal and external damage and after cleansing.  It is also pivotal to helping rejuvenate the skin once we start to show signs of aging.

When you reach the time in your life where your skin isn’t feeling as plumped or as nourished as it should be, or you’re noticing fine lines forming, or any image your feeling you would rather not be reflecting in your mirror, it’s good to know where and how to find the most effective products as possible.

I’m sure that wasting your time and money is not on your agenda, so let’s start with some ‘skincare- finding’ basics. We all have busy lives more than ever these days, so you need to make sure you’re on the right track from the get-go!

Choosing the right skincare can become time-consuming. To the average buyer, labels are confusing, let alone the complexity to try and figure out what brands to buy. Then you may buy a product and for some reason, it doesn’t do what it says it’s supposed too! Arggghh!!!… Have you ever been in this sticky situation??.. It’s so frustrating!!!

You probably wonder how you got a product with a label that says “XYZ”… blah blah..”it should work”… but YOU KNOW it isn’t!… Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many people experience this situation often. To help you choose your skincare like a pro, I am going to start by asking you this very important question: where are you shopping for your skincare?

Where you shop is the absolute first KEY/ “Rule of Thumb” to what works and what may not.

Firstly, buying skin products, generally speaking, will be dependent on who your buying from, in regards to qualifications, how they are buying and where they are buying their brands from being; brand sourcing. Reputation/ background knowledge are a few other factors which may affect choosing the best-performing brands and products. 

So, what is one of the easiest ways to trust that what you are buying will actually work for it’s intended purpose? And if applied to the routine specifications on the packaging, as well as product performance, and just how effective will be on your skin?

Well, to answer these questions we must take a look at the ‘two-sided’ story. Your health. Please consider your health. This is vital to your outcome. It takes inner health plus, external help, to ensure your skin is at the top of its game!

Think of your skin like a two- way street. While one car is driving one way, at the same time, another car is driving in the opposite direction. Remember this when you think about the performance of your skin. One is vital for internal health, while the other is vital for external health, both play a major role in ensuring the skin’s overall look and health.

Once the above is taken into consideration, you now need to source the appropriate professional. Notice the word “professional”. Please note there is a big difference in terminology. From expert, advisors, to professional, to a consultant, etc. *in general, find a qualified person who can help with checking both areas affecting your skin; internal and external health. Example: a beauty therapist, skin clinician/ therapist. They may do this through in-depth consultation, followed by assessing your skin externally. Then following this you may have a booked treatment, and/ or be offered good quality, high- performing skincare. Or, you may be able to buy their product straight from their salon, spa, clinic shelf, after a brief chat with them.

It may seem like a bit of a fuss and bother to organise a skin routine when you’re just wanting to dash to your local shopping centre for a quick fix, however, with a little time and effort, your effort will actually save you time and energy in the long run and also provide you with superior brands and amazing skin.

We highly recommend our salons, spas and clinics of choice; since we support consumer convenience in beauty choices. (Please Note: if a professional isn’t in your location, you can let us know and recommend them to become a part of our directory by sharing our page with them. As we grow we will look at more places in your local area to help you)

*this blog is a general brief only. Professional sourcing will be dependent on qualifications, brands/ brand sourcing, reputation/ background knowledge/ experience.