BTA HOT TOPIC 2019 Wellbeing in Hair and Beauty

Our Holistic Approach, to Hair and Beauty

At Beauty Team Australia, we want to be quite ‘frank’ with you, or, better known, as ‘straight to the point’. We know beauty is not just a topical application for your Instagram selfie, nor, is it “just” an ‘image thing’… No… When it comes to your hair and beauty, we have a more holistic approach and understanding. In our world, nothing is more beautiful than caring for yourself. It’s not a “selfish thing”. It is vital to our wellbeing. In human nature, we need to reflect on ourselves from time to time in order to better accommodate ourselves and others in our lives and society. When we look- after ourselves, we begin to naturally feel an internal sense of wellbeing and mindset- rebalance, helping us cope better in our everyday lives.

Your hair and beauty to us is not ‘just a look’, it’s a feeling. The feeling as a result of self-reflection, self- care and ultimately looking after yourself, the way you need or desire!

Topic Continued…

Online Beauty: Facing Beauty Front- On. 

Let’s face it, there is A LOT of “fluff” floating around in the world of ‘beauty imagery’ on Instagram and social media. It feels like it has gotten to the point that many people are #confused on to how to view and value self-image. Self-image has become a common online social subject of discussion. 

Interesting enough, like many influencers are saying, it’s not beauty or the images themselves that may be our issue in society. If we really take a step back and look at the issue head-on, we may begin to see, that what we should really be discussing more, is our mindset.

If we feel a sense of inadequacy, it is our brains that are ultimately producing these thoughts, by analysing images we might see while scrolling through social media.  How you value and view yourself is through your inner perspective. Your values and views in your life are just a few factors that will influence your viewing thoughts.

Really, ‘beauty’, in essence, should always be a “beautiful” thing. So, if we are to go forward from now, perhaps we need to consider taking beauty from a holistic approach, to help gain insight and clarity when it comes to online social media and Instagram.   


Bonnie Gibbons


Take care always,

Bonnie Gibbins Founder Beauty Team Australia